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Recruiting staff with myHRdept

Recruitment for our clients

Fed up of low performing recruitment agencies showering you with bundles of irrelevant CVs and expecting you to do all the work for their fee? So were we, so we did something about it, and hired our own expert Resourcer to provide recruitment services for our clients! 

We only recruit for our own clients, and we recruit carefully. As your HR provider we have a vested interest in recruiting staff who will help develop your organisation, and cement our relationship with you. Unlike most agencies, we will do the leg work for you, and you won’t see a candidate unless we’re satisfied they’re up to the job – no more wading through CVs for you! 

 Please contact us to discuss your recruitment needs, or call 01628 820515.

Sometimes the classic ways are best…

Our Resourcer Nida is an experienced headhunter, and has access to all of the major job databases. In this highly searchable world, Nida’s search expertise and inquisitive intellect makes her one of the best search consultants of her time.

Your recruitment partner 

Nida has an MBA with a distinction (first class) and a certificate in Human Resource Management from Marymount University, Washington D.C. She has 9 years experience of working in different HR functions in various sectors, including telecoms and education.

Nida has held in-house recruitment roles as well recruiting with commericial recruitment agencies. Nida joined myHRdept in Feb 2014, and recently returned to us following a career career break to look after her daughter Manahil. We are delighted to have her back! 

Advertised and search

Finding the right people

Establishing the need

It starts by properly understanding what your new hire will be expected to achieve for you, and from there we can develop the job and experience profile we need to effectively shortlist.

Casting the net

We generally use search techniques, building contact shortlists on LinkedIn and on CV databases. Candidates tend to react well to us as an HR Company, with exclusive recruitment briefs from retained clients. 

Many candidates have told us this is a refreshing change to the approach of recruitment agencies, and their tendency to urgently need to speak (before the next recruiter does)….prior to disappearing into the ether!  

Recruitment Core & Transparent terms

When recruiting for our clients we commit:

  1. Retained clients pay the majority of fees once we have found the right candidate(s) for you, and once they have actually started work  
  2. By tasking us exclusively, clients will enjoy a quality-led service, focused on finding the right candidate, not just any candidate 
  3. Our work is extensively search-based, but we can write and manage national advertising campaigns too 
  4. We can carry out right to work pre-checks, DBS checks & take references if you wish (there is a third-party DBS charge) 
  5. We will design & agree with you the core spec for your role & all candidates will be interviewed against that spec by us before you see them 
  6. We will provide you with a summary report for each candidate we shortlist for you 
  7. We will abide by the UK’s data protection laws, and will only send you a candidate’s details once they have given us their permission to do so 
  8. We will manage the offer process with your chosen candidate, and prepare an offer and contract 
  9. Our initial work will be to scope the role and salary range, and we will only commence recruitment if we believe the vacancy is viable within an agreed salary band 
  10. Retained Client Fees: Non HR roles: 17% of 1st year expected earnings (salary + cash bonuses), £1,500 initial payment deposit, no further fees due until appointment. HR Roles: 20 – 25% (via specialist HR recruiter RHR Ltd)    
  11. Cancellation fees scoping phase: If scoping phase indicates role is not feasible within a salary range acceptable to the client, no cancellation fees will be charged and any deposit paid will be returned less a £500 scoping fee  
  12. Cancellation fees after scoping phase: We take a reasonable approach related to the work done, and cancellation fees will not exceed two thirds of the expected fee for cancellation/role changes at final shortlisting stage  
  13. Warranty: 12 weeks, 100% free fee-free re-recruitment if candidate leaves in the first 4 weeks, the a straight line declining discount (exceptions: redundancy, TUPE, other reasons not related to the candidate’s suitability for the role originally advertised).

….and in trusting us with your recruitment needs, you commit to us: 

  1. To see candidates recommended by us promptly, recognising that good candidates are quickly snapped up  
  2. To allow us 20 working days exclusivity to do our work, and to refer direct applications to us 
  3. That any contact with our candidates must be through us 
  4. To abide by UK data protection laws when handling candidate’s personal data 
  5. To tell us as soon as you know you want to withdraw a vacancy 
  6. To pay our fees if you recruit any candidate introduced by us to you within one year of that introduction.   

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your HR or employment law needs, why not contact myHRdept? Call us on 01628 820515 to discuss your requirements or contact us and we’ll call you back. 

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