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Recruitment for our clients

Fed up of low performing recruitment agencies showering you with bundles of irrelevant CVs and expecting you to do all the work for their fee? So were we, so we did something about it, and hired our own expert Resourcer to provide recruitment services for our clients! 

We only recruit for our own clients, and we recruit carefully. As your HR provider we have a vested interest in recruiting staff who will help develop your organisation, and cement our relationship with you. Unlike most agencies, we will do the leg work for you, and you won’t see a candidate unless we’re satisfied they’re up to the job – no more wading through CVs for you! 

 Please contact us to discuss your recruitment needs, or call 01628 820515.

Sometimes the classic ways are best…

Our Resourcer is an experienced headhunter, and has access to all of the major job data bases. You may be tempted to use a ‘specialist recruiter’ but you will be wasting your money – times have changed and modern recruitment affords the same access to all candidates in this highly searchable world!

Your recruitment partner 

With 15 years recruitment experience in London and the Thames Valley, myHRdept’s Jas Virdee has run Hays branches and honed her experienced in SME recruitment through a boutique agency in Beaconsfield, before joining myHRdept in 2020. With the onset of Covid-19, she undertook a secondment with a vaccine manufacturing project, a spin-off from Oxford University, where she oversaw the rapid recruitment of multiple staff, from Biotech scientists to administrative support staff. 

Advertised and search

Finding the right people

Establishing the need

It starts by properly understanding what your new hire will be expected to achieve for you, and from there we can develop the job and experience profile we need to effectively shortlist.

Casting the net

We use a combination of advertised and search, building contact shortlists on major business search engines and social media sites. Candidates react well to us as an HR Company, with exclusive recruitment briefs from retained clients. This is a refreshing change to the approach of recruitment agencies, and their tendency to urgently need to speak (before the next recruiter does)….prior to disappearing into the ether!  

Recruitment Core & Transparent terms

When recruiting for our clients we commit:

  1. There are no fees to pay until we have found the right candidate(s) for you, and until they have actually started work 
  2. Provided we have exclusivity on your vacancy, our fees include the cost of national advertising (though there may be a charge for certain specialist Job Boards if you wish us to use these)
  3. We will carry out right to work pre-checks, take references and carry out DBS checks if you wish (there is a third party DBS charge)
  4. You will not see a candidate unless we have interviewed them, and are satisfied they meet the core spec for the role
  5. We will agree with you the core role experiential requirements to test at our first interview stage, and we will provide you with a summary report for each candidate we shortlist for you
  6. We will abide by the UK’s data protection laws, and will only send you a candidate’s details once they have given us their permission to do so
  7. We will negotiate an offer with your chosen candidate, and with your permission
  8. We will prepare an offer and contract for your chosen candidate and liaise with them until, and beyond, their start date
  9. We will provide you with a 12 week warranty on anyone we hire for you, providing a fee-free re-recruitment if the candidate leaves your employment in the first 4 weeks, followed by a straight line declining discount if they leave in weeks 5 – 11. This will not apply in the case of redundancy, TUPE, or other reasons not related to the candidate’s suitability for the role advertised
  10. Our fees are capped at 15% of 1st year earnings
  11. We do not charge cancellation fees unless recruitment is already well advanced
  12. We do not charge cancellation fees at all, if the reason for cancellation is because of the unexpected impact of a major unforeseen event beyond your control, e.g. a pandemic.  

….and our clients commit to us: 

  1. You will see candidates recommended by us promptly, recognising that good candidates are quickly snapped up 
  2. You will allow us 20 working days exclusivity to do our work for you, and if candidates contact you directly, you will refer them to us
  3. You will channel any contact with our candidates through us and not contact them directly unless we have agreed this
  4. You will abide by UK data protection laws when handling our candidate’s personal data, and will delete their personal data promptly if you decide not to recruit them
  5. You will tell us as soon as you know you want to withdraw a vacancy. There will be no cancellation charge unless we have already placed an advert (in which case you will only pay for the advert) or, if shortlisting has begun you will pay up to one third of the expected fee, or two thirds if shortlisting is complete (depending on how much work we’ve done at that point.) If there is a good reason for cancellation that is beyond your control (see 12. above) you will not be charged a cancellation fee. We will always be reasonable in exercising this right and will charge the least cancellation fees that we can 
  6. You will pay our fees in full if you recruit any candidate introduced by us to you, if you recruit them or appoint them as a consultant/contractor or in any other capacity within one year of that introduction.  

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your HR or employment law needs, why not contact myHRdept? Call us on 01628 820515 to discuss your requirements or contact us and we’ll call you back. 

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