HR Partner Programme

You + myhrdept = the perfect HR Service!
Like you, we take pride in providing quality personal HR services to clients. Like us you’re annoyed with many ‘HR’ Companies that are, in reality, thinly disguised poor value insurance policies.

But there’s also the reality of running your own business. You enjoy delivering HR services, but it’s tough finding new clients and running the back office. And who do you trust to look after them when you need a holiday?

Supporting you to grow your practice, concentrate on what you do best and enjoy supporting smaller business 
We’ve developed a unique method of providing quality HR support to our client base, and we’re looking to attract HR partners to share in our system for the benefit of themselves and their own clients. By employing our solutions and our network you can free up your own time to concentrate on what you do best – value added HR services. You’ll be aware that there are some very poor value franchise deals out there in HR. We’re not one of them. In return for establishing our brand and a healthy client base in your region, we’ll pay you a salary and a healthy profit share. HR Practice Managers can expect to earn (after a couple of years of effort) £70K+ per annum.

The HR Consultant’s HR partner of choice
We have over 10 years pedigree in the HR outsourcing industry and a known (and growing) brand. Our HR systems partner has been established for 30 years, has hundreds of clients, and is a market leader.

Connecting quality HR Consultants
HR is best delivered through a combination of technology and personal services. Our HR system enables us to effortlessly manage and interact with a large number of clients, allowing us to significantly add client value and numbers, with a minimal increase in costs. A combination of HR auditing and client information means we can focus on identifying and resolving client’s HR priorities and revenue generating services. This win-win provides for increases in performance and efficiency for clients and efficient resource targeting for HR providers.

Our HR partners will receive full training on systems and HR processes. You will also have referral opportunities for specialist skills and an opportunity to contribute to the strategic growth of the HR network. You can run a business within a business, and (unlike most small business owners) you can go on holiday knowing your client contacts will be looked after while you’re away.

Adding value to business

You + myhrdept = stronger together

For a formal quote, or if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please call us on 01628 820515 or we can call you.

Our HR Practice Manager Programme
After 10+ years in HR outsourcing we know all too well the challenges involved. We know that every client has issues we can help with, but finding out what they are takes time. We are frustrated by HR companies who do little more than provide templates for disciplinaries and we’re disappointed by the fact that the small business HR market is dominated by vigorously marketed poor value insurance based services.

If these feelings resonate with you, you might want to consider partnering with us. We’re looking for HR Practice Managers in strategic locations to develop our brand and services. We’ll support you with our know how, with marketing & PR to launch your office and by providing access to a comprehensive HR system (and training for you) for larger clients. When potential clients contact us from your area it’s you we’ll send them to first.

All about you
You will be an HR consultant with a number of clients with aspirations to grow significantly via an established brand. You know what HR can do and see the value of operating a recognised brand and support team to develop services. You will be prepared to work hard to establish a healthy client base in your area and will expect to be employing additional staff to help you run the practice by the end of year 2. You will be a consummate HR professional, comfortable working with clients at all levels, you’ll have an excellent grasp of employment law and at least 5 years experience of delivering HR support to clients in an employed or client based environment. You’ll be comfortable dealing with HR processes including redundancy, TUPE, employee case management and you’ll be willing and capable of training line manager and business owners in the same.

Please contact us by email or call us on 01628 820515/6 if you would like to discuss opportunities with further.