Business Services Providers Programme

Your Service + Our Service = The Perfect Support Service.
Like you, we take pride in providing quality personal services to clients. Our services don’t compete with yours, but can complement them. Unlike many other ‘HR’ Companies, we’re not a thinly disguised insurance policy. We exist to help small businesses build the capability of their people practices and we achieve that through a combination of personal HR support and technology.

Compliance Plus 
A range of services including on-site presence and sophisticated HR systems ensures that larger employers (typically 15+) are comprehensively supported.


The Science of Compliance
Compliance needn’t cost the earth. Our compliance services provides employment contracts, policies and 200+ other customisable documents and on-line secure document storage from only a few hundred pounds a year.

Your HR partner of choice
Develop your clients’ people capability and your own business offering while enjoying an additional revenue stream for very little extra effort.

Connecting small business & quality HR Management

HR Technology at work

Until now only the largest employers have been able to fund intelligent HR systems. Forming a part of our HR service our managed HR SAS solution ensures clients enjoy ‘large company’ functionality e.g. employee selfservice, paperless holiday and absence & reporting. But the system is only a part of the deal – the rest we bring through our HR experience and knowledge of small business needs and opportunities.

We’ve been providing HR management services for 12 years, and our systems partners have a 30 year pedigree. We’re not ‘here today gone tomorrow’! If all your clients currently receive is an insurance policy and a helpline, they’re probably wasting their money. We focus on developing capability through people, helping clients assess and develop skills and competences.

Adding value to your client services

Our partnership programme 
We tailor a range of services from essential HR requirements to full strategic HR from as little as £25 to £7,000 per month. Very small employers may only want to be legally compliant; others will benefit from attracting and maintaining a high performance workforce. Our services will add value to your own client offering, for very little effort on your part. You make the introduction, we follow up, and we’ll return a percentage of the first year fee agreed with your client to you. We can also co-deliver seminars with you, undertake major one-off HR projects and provide heavily discounted HR support for your own organisation.

Are you confident that your clients:

    • Have employment contracts?
    • Are compliant with all employment regs?
    • Manage performance routinely using job chats?
    • Know the real cost of recruitment?
    • Test the skills of applicants & take references?
    • Keep UK working and identity data for all employees?
    • Ensure managers have the skills (and authority) to manage?

If the answer to any of these is ‘no’ then your clients need our services, even if they don’t know it yet!

Email us or call us on 01628 820515/6 for a more detailed discussion