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Reducing Risk: Training Solutions

FACT – employers with safe and inclusive work environments supported by effective due diligence training are less likely to experience time-eating employee relations issues and expensive legal claims


Want to build a work environment free from discrimination and harassment and reduce your risk of vicarious liability? Let us train your people to display the right behaviours and keep the records you need as evidence. myHRdept can help you create a safe and positive workplace that protects your employees and ensures your leaders, managers and staff meet their legal responsibilities.

myHRdept provide a monthly programme of FREE Due Diligence Training for retained clients

Due diligence

Refreshing Training regularly

By developing a routine of regular training and education, employers can enjoy the double benefit of a reduced risk of vicarious liability claims against them, and of helping prevent unwanted behaviours at work.Tribunal cases have shown that to be relevant, training must be refreshed regularly, and vicarious liability defence arguments have been thrown out by tribunals in cases where training was delivered more than a year previously.  

Reducing vicarious liability claims

Vicarious liability arises when a court or tribunal decides that an employer hasn’t done enough to actively prevent unlawful employment events, like sexual harassment. It isn’t enough to just have a policy or clauses in an employment contract – employers are expected to bring these to life, through training and education – and larger and higher risk employers will be expected to do more to mitigate their risks. 

Benefits of preventing unwanted behaviours

Apart from the risk of vicarious liability, toxic cultures result in reputation damage and damage to employee morale, which can increase turnover, decrease productivity and make it more difficult to recruit new staff.  

Help from myHRdept

All retained clients of myHRdept (HR) and JCHR (payroll and HR) can access our training materials, and many are free for clients to use.

Toolkits typically include an information video and emails employers can tailor and send to employees, keeping copies to help with any future due diligence defence.

Our FREE materials are available in the client area and are refreshed periodically so they can be re-issued – we’ll publish a new toolkit every couple of months so that due diligence training can be continued throughout the year. 

Bespoke rolling programme for larger and higher risk clients

We strongly recommend that larger and higher risk employers work with us to form a bespoke rolling programme of planned activity throughout the year, which myHRdept can help administer and deliver on your behalf. This should be a mix of virtual and in-person training, and all current and aspiring people managers should attend our employment law, discrimination and sexual harassment programmes. 

Larger organisations are more prone to issues involving discrimination, bullying and harassment, as are organisations with younger (typically female) employees working with older more senior (typically male) staff. While these are the more common risk factors, not all issues conform to traditional stereotypes and its important that managers and staff are encouraged to spot and call out any issues as they arise. 

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your HR, payroll or employment law needs, why not contact myHRdept? Call us on 01628 820515, email us at to discuss your requirements, or contact us via our website and we’ll call you back.


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