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Outsourced HR support

Full service HR outsourcing

myHRdept are unique in the UK HR market, providing outsourced employment law and HR advice & compliance services, HR administration and leadership on a range of HR issues. If all you’re used to is a call centre and convoluted HR processes (otherwise ‘insurer says no’), you’ll be in for a pleasant experience.

Our customers enjoy a more personal relationship and we don’t insist on multi-year contracts – we want you to stay because you value what we do. A family-owned business, we’ve been here since 2002, so we must be doing something right!

Our packages scale to reflect the size and type of employer and the challenges immediately in front of them. We don’t insist on multi-year packages – our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.


We’ve included some detail for our ‘standard’ packages below, suitable for smaller SMEs. Please contact us to arrange for a scoping call to assess the most suitable package for you.

outsourced hR support

Unlimited hours packages are also available

For a formal quote, or if you can’t see what you’re looking for, please call us on 01628 820515 or we can call you.

See our case studies of how we support 2 very different businesses, one large, one small.

Designed for micro employers or start-ups. Our entry level service provides telephone and email support, a full employment contract, a basic staff handbook and a small bank of support hours. 

For small organisations, HR12 provides a full employment contract including restrictive plus additional contract types  (e.g. zero hours/self-employed), a bespoke policy and an on-site or virtual HR meeting, plus a larger bank of support hours for admin and consultant-level support.

Additional employment/self employment contract templates including Director Service Agreements,  bespoke policies, more site or virtual meetings and a larger bank of support hours, this package is ideal for businesses with issues at the outset or slightly larger businesses. 

As the ‘18’ package but with more contract templates, bespoke policies and site (or virtual) meetings, suitable for larger employers, or smaller businesses who have a lot of issues at the outset. 

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