Disciplinary Processes​

A video guide

In this series of 7 videos we guide you through each stage of the disciplinary process, finishing with the penalties you may face if you get a step wrong.

It is often the case that whilst your decision to discipline or dismiss an employee is ‘reasonable’ if you came to that conclusion at the end of a faulty process you could still end up on the wrong side of a tribunal decision.

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The first in the series, this video summarises the stages of the disciplinary process and highlights considerations and decisions to be made.

Now you have a general overview lets look in more detail at the investigation – as this is the foundation of the entire exercise, taking the time to get this right will pay dividends

Should you suspend an employee whilst you investigate the misconduct? If so, for how long and do you pay them? What does suspending them imply to the employee and your other staff?

After carrying out a thorough investigation, you have progressed to a formal disciplinary hearing. How do they differ and what must you do?

Guilty or not guilty? If guilty, whats the appropriate sanction a warning? dismissal? If dismissal, with notice or without. Your decision has to be ‘reasonable’ in the circumstances

Your employee has appealed against the decision you made after the hearing. How is this different from the disciplinary hearing?

So finally, why should you follow this process? Because if you don’t you could end up with an expensive and time consuming tribunal case.

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