Absence management

Short term, long term, both are problems for employers

Whether an employee is off work for 3 months or off every day following a big match, absence causes significant issues to employers, especially when its jsut a small team. These videos guide you thorought the do’s and dont’s of effectively preventing and managing these problems.

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Its actually quite simple but highly impactful!

Short term, persistent absence is a major headache for employers. So why we do so many do nothing to prevent it? Our easy to follow advice and tools will help employers tackle this issue quickly and easily. See also our A-Z section for policies and procedures covering attendance and discipline and the other videos in this series ​

It may seem that an employer should be able to terminate the employment of someone who has been off work for an extended period and who is not likely to return, but as we so often say, its not that simple.

The results in each case are very different!

We advise employers to tackle unacceptable levels of absence, but unless this is done properly, the consequences could be far worse than poor productivity. We hope the following, together with our other video on short-term, persistent absence, will help you manage these discussions effectively the employee and your other staff?

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