What is the real risk of an employee taking a tribunal claim against their employer?

The risk heightened considerably with the abolition of tribunal fees – whereas their introduction saw a drop in claims of 70+ %, the abolition of fees has had precisely the reverse effect, and we have now seen tribunal cases return to pre-fee levels.  There is a risk, although statistically it is still reasonably small. It’s worth mentioning here that with decent advice most cases can be disposed of well before the tribunal hearing, and if there is a risk of losing the case it makes sense to consider an economic settlement.  Too many employers commit for 5 years to the first ‘ambulence chaser’ HR company that contacts them, whereas in reality a relatively simple intervention from an ethical HR provider may have done the trick.  Some employers will prefer to instruct a lawyer, but do remember that lawyers do charge hefty hourly fees, and the more hours they put into a case, the more they can charge! 

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