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About and our services

All resources and services are provided by myHRdept’s experienced consultants, led by former Coca-Cola HR Director Bill Larke myHRdept has been providing HR support to businesses since 2002, intially on line and since 2010 via an outsourced HR support model with access to employment law and HR consultants via phone, email and (package dependent) in person. We have developed long standing relationships with clients, and many are prepared to provide open testimonials for our HR services.

An outsourced HR service for organisations with just a few to 100+ employees, the service ensures that clients are compliant with employment law, have access to experienced HR people who can advise on best practice HR processes and case management services, provides real administrative support and acts as an experienced sounding board for business plans and their impact on people.  Each of our packages comes with a defined number of support hours (varying by numbers of employees and known projects at the outset of the contract) but all provide (aside from support hours) one or more employment contracts and a comprehensive staff handbook.  

We don’t insist on multiple year contracts – in fact we’d rather one initial year to explore how we work together before engaging in longer term commitments. Call us on 01628 820515 to discuss your requirements or email us and we’ll call you!

Typical projects and indicative prices (we will assess each situation in a scoping call with you):

  • Settlement agreements (pre agreement advice, draft strategy, draft agreement and cover letter and act as your representative during negotiations)
  • Employment contract template drafting
  • Handbooks and Policies
  • Appraisal & talent review system design
  • Bonus schemes
  • HR process design (induction/exit/probation etc.)
  • Training people managers
  • Draft disciplinary/dismissal/appeal/performance warning letters
  • Manage investigations, hearings, appeals, performance management meetings including pre-briefing site attendance, invite & outcome letters
  • Mediation by an ACAS trained mediator
  • Redundancy paperwork and processes (meeting, strategy, letters and appeals etc)
  • Managing changes to contractual terms and draft contractual amendments and side letters
  • Manage/resolve absence as your representative – calls/meetings with employee, obtain medical reports, co-ordination of occupational health assessments etc. 
  • Tribunal preparation 


See the testimonial for our employment services provided by Macfarlanes LLP. 

Outsourcing makes sense, and is a growing trend in business.  We can’t run a restaurant, an IT business, a school, a care home or an estate agent, but our clients do (and much more besides) and they’re very good at it.  What they’re not good at is writing decent employment contracts and HR policies & processes and applying them to their best advantage. By outsourcing their HR to us they benefit from all of these things and access to high quality advice.  Government helplines, call centres, free downloads and the like have a part to play, but there’s no substitute for experience and we can usually present potential solutions not available through normal channels…..because we deal with these things every single day.

HR outsourcing covers everything from compliance to coaching and over the years (we’ve been here since 2002 so we must be doing something right!) we’ve helped numerous businesses scale and adapt to the challenges they face.   

Our packages scale to reflect the size and type of business and the challenges immediately in front of you.  We don’t insist on multi-year packages and so we may well start at one level and then look to reduce the input in the second year (once a troublesome issue has been dealt with for example.)   Other providers will insist on multi year deals…we advise you to avoid these operators – our clients stay with us because they want to, not because they have to.

For more information on the HR outsource packages available please click here. 

Because when it comes to employment litigation protection insurance policies are rarely worth the money – insurers sometimes paralyse businesses when their HR advice line demands that the employer takes no risk – we have direct experience of that. We are not an insurance company, nor are we a call centre. We’ve been practically and pragmatically working with employers to improve their HR and employee performance since 2002 and we understand that employers sometimes have to take some risk in managing your people issues. We’ll use our experience to advise you on all the options, leaving you to take the right decision for your business with a level of risk you’re happy to live with. Call us on 01628 820515 to discuss your requirements or email us and we’ll call you!

Comparable services yes, but many ‘HR services’ are not the same.  For example, Natwest Mentor, Abbey Legal, Peninsula etc. are very different – you will receive templates and have access to a call centre for advice – many customers complain that they have to rebrief every time they ring, they get differing advice from different call centre advisors, that they are often advised to undertake painfully long HR processes or dissuaded from dealing with issues for fear of the insurer underlying these services refusing to cover them. By contrast myHRdept have been providing personal and proactive support since 2002, we provide a personal touch and we work understand our customers, their preferences and risk profiles – and we don’t limit our services to employee issues – we cover the whole range of HR services including administration support. Contact us for more information about the package that’s right for you or call 01628 820515 to discuss.

Outsourcing support functions like HR is increasingly common and we can often save clients substantial salary costs, reduce headcount and increase quality.  By outsourcing to us you will never need to spend money with employment lawyers, and we can provide admin services and software solutions too. Sometimes we support internal HR teams (broadening the skills available to them and increasing the resource available for busy periods) but we also replace internal HR too.  It’s important to understand what the HR agenda for each business looks like, which tasks remnain internal and which ones we can pick up – we call that the ‘we do/you do’ exercise that we undertake prior to engaging into a 1 year service contract.  Contact us or call 01628 820515 for an initial discussion.  

There are certain elements of your employment contracts and handbooks etc. which we need to have in place, if they are in place then we should be able to provide seemless support.  We often support clients of lawyers (who will already have employment contracts etc. in place) and of HR consultants (who often don’t have our employment legal expertise) and of course we can also resource HR projects on a one-off basis. To discuss your requirements contact us or call 01628 820515. 

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