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What does AI mean for HR and L&D?

Amy Mellor, Head of L&D at myHRdept
Amy Mellor, Head of L&D at myHRdept

What does AI mean for HR and L&D?

Artificial Intelligence is constantly in the news. The CEO of Google once stated that the impact of AI on the human species will be bigger than fire or electricity and, with the arrival of ChatGPT and similar technology, more and more industries are beginning to see the impact of AI disruption.

Last week, I attended the 2023 HR & Learning Technologies show, Europe’s biggest exhibition of HR and Learning technology solutions. This is an event I have been attending for around 8 years now and the growth over that time both in the number and complexity of solutions is astonishing. More and more solutions now include AI and Machine Learning as a core part of their offering creating a user experience we could only dream of a few years ago.

A great HR or L&D platform can engage your employees, save you time and money. Are you using the right systems for your business? Read on for my analysis of 5 key technology trends in 2023 for HR and L&D.


Five Technology Trends for 2023 – AI in HR and L&D

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning uses AI to personalise the learning experience to the needs of an individual learner, providing customised content and instruction that adapts to the unique needs, abilities, and learning styles of the learner. For instance, if Joe picks up the skills for learning outcome one very quickly and scores 100% in the test the first time, the system will cover that skill much more quickly with him in the future. Whereas, if Lucy takes a while to pick up the knowledge and scores 80%, she will be refreshed on that skill more frequently and in greater depth – much more useful for your due diligence defence if required!

Micro Learning

This is a trend that has been going on for a while and is only continuing to grow. Learning is being broken down into smaller and smaller bitesize video learning – often no more than 30 seconds at a time much like a TikTok video! Everything that could be explained in a manual or document is moving to become a video instead. That welcome letter from the CEO, your policies and procedures – wouldn’t many people prefer to watch a video instead? At myHRdept we have supported many of our clients to create engaging video content for onboarding, learning, performance reviews and many other topics.

AI Competency Assessment

AI can do more than just personalise the learning journey for your employees, it can continually assess your employees and automatically repair knowledge gaps where required. Instead of doing a manual Training Needs Analysis with each of your employees, it is now possible to input all the skills that you need your employees to know and then use AI to perform a competency assessment and then you can refresh those skills until you have filled those gaps.

AI and Technology Driven Compliance

AI can now identify gaps in compliance, flag them and fix them much faster. Your employee has forgotten some key knowledge they need to know? No problem, the system will refresh them as part of their adaptive learning journey without having to wait for the annual refresher training (which is likely to become a remnant of the past!) Compliance systems are now set up quicker than ever before – a great example of this are the number of excellent Right to Work systems that already exist after the UK government changed it’s legislation to allow digital checks in October 2022. These systems integrate with HRIS and are an excellent way of speeding up your RTW processes and ensuring compliance. Speak to myHRdept if you would like to understand more about how technology could assist with your compliance processes.

Focus on Engagement to Drive Performance

Performance Management systems are a well-established feature of the HR technology space. However, there is a growing recognition that the best way to drive performance is to focus on employee engagement. This means that over the years these tools have  gradually shifted from largely administrative performance management systems, to employee engagement tools with performance management, feedback and employee development included. These changes mean that both managers and employees are more likely to adopt these systems and continue using them over time as they are being consistently ‘engaged’ in the system rather than frustrated with a traditional annual appraisal process. To learn more about how continuous performance management works in practice, read Bill’s earlier article on performance by clicking here.

If you would like to understand how technology could benefit your people strategy then why not give us a call?

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