What does a job title mean to you?

A study has revealed that a staggering one in five employees in the UK are not honest when it comes to stating their real job title. The study conducted by Solopress.com surveyed 2000 workers and were surprised at the large number of people willing to lie about what they really do at work.

The need to lie about a job role or title may stem from the cultural stigma attached to certain job roles. Revealing what you do for a living to a number of unfamiliar people may be daunting if what you do for a living is deemed unpopular. Traffic wardens were cited as the most hated occupation during the study, taking 47.58% of the vote, of which 62.56% were over 55 years of age.  Call centre operators were the second least popular coming in at 11.9%, and bankers, police officers and politicians were also seen as unpopular.

Unpopular jobs may not be the only reason to lie about a job title. People may fabricate the title of their job to appear superior or hold a wider skill set. Job titles are an important factor, and not just to the ego. When an individual accepts a job offer, they take on a new role or ‘label’ within the organisation. This title will be used as a measure of seniority and ability by those who are not familiar with the position or individual. The title of a job will also be judged by hiring managers and recruiters who will refer to a job title as a gage or benchmark not only of seniority level but career progression.

So why does this matter to current employers? When you are recruiting for a position within your company, the two initial key points that candidates will be attracted to are the salary and the job title. Location, role and responsibilities are also relevant, however, come a very close second in the majority of people’s search criteria and personal preferences. The title of a role needs to be carefully considered, and perhaps at times discussed with a potential candidate to ensure they are happy with the title before handing over the contract.

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