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Top hiring mistakes

Are you recruiting the right people for your business? How do you know? Employers, even smaller employers, need to ensure that they balance their team correctly, bringing in the right type of people not just those with the right skills. Pretty much every employee issue we’re brought in to deal with stems from….poor recruitment. After 13 years supporting employers we are pleased to bring you….the top do’s and don’ts when it comes to recruiting staff.

  • Recruiting personalities, not experience.
  • Failing to consider the right ‘fit’ for the business.
  • Not adequately testing past experience to date.
  • Accepting that the ‘best available’ candidate will have to do.
  • Failing to induct and set expectations.

Recruiting personalities, not experience.

Too often managers recruit people they like, or who appear to have the same attributes as them. We worked with a company where the CEO employed only entrepreneurial, high energy leaders. It was chaos. A balanced team needs a balance of team types, team-workers, leaders, ideas people, methodical task driven completer finishers – people who will patiently get on and do the job. Top tip from myHRdept: A team profiling exercise takes less than half a day and should cost no more than £500 – £700 for up 20 people. This will help you understanding your existing team balance and clarify the type of people you should be looking for in the future.

Failing to consider the right ‘fit’ for the business.

‘fit’ is different to ‘team types’ (see above.) A business requires people who are able to adapt to the core culture. Core culture in a small business normally including flexibility and a willingness to do whatever and whenever is necessary. For this reason employees who only have large blue chip experience are not always suitable for small businesses – this isn’t always true, but it will need a careful look. Top tip from myHRdept: Take some time to try and define your business culture – think about the most influential people you have and what defines them. Your myHRdept HR advisor can help you define a value set that will influence your future recruitment needs.

Not adequately testing past experience to date.

When preparing for interview, construct questions that focus on what candidates have actually achieved in the areas you want them to contribute to or lead on. Don’t allow candidates to drift into hypothetical answers – we’re not interested in what they would do, we’re interested in what they have done, what theyachieved (measurably) and what they learnt from the experience (an indication of people who seek to self-improve). For junior hires without much previous experience look instead at aptitude and seek examples from their non-work life to see whether they have the right potential. Top tip from myHRdept: Ask your HR Advisor for a copy of our competence categories and interview questions, select the relevant ones (no more than 5 per job) and tailor the questions to be relevant to your business.

Accepting that the ‘best available’ candidate will have to do.

Recruitment is competitive and candidates can be few. It only takes one good candidate, but take the time to wait for the right one, backfilling with other staff or temporary measures as necessary. Recruiting the wrong person means you’ll probably have to do it all over again in a few months time. Top tip from myHRdept: Cover as many bases as possible when recruiting, use general and specific job boards, make ads easily searchable, access CV databases and use linked in and, if you have a strong presence, your own social media feeds too. myHRdept do all of these things when recruiting for our clients.

Failing to induct and set expectations.

New employees, like cars used to, need careful running in! Leading academics in the recruitment world say that the courtship process does not stop as soon as the new person has come to work for day 1 – insecurities and a tendency to look at escape routes lasts well into the first 9 months of employment. Regular checks to make sure things are ok, a careful induction and a clear and reasonable set of delivery expectations for a new person to achieve (with regular follow-up) are a very good way of maintaining positive focus and securing the employee for the long term.

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