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Sexual Harassment Training

The myHRdept Sexual Harassment training is for all employees & managers, covering the essential knowledge needed to help your staff understand what constitutes sexual harassment, how to report it and, ultimately, help prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

LEGAL FOCUS: Why should we do this training?

Taking adequate measures to prevent sexual harassment, and refreshing these measures at least annually, can prevent employers being sued for vicarious liability. Vicarious liability arises when one employee sexually harasses another – the victim can bring a claim against the harasser AND the employer. The employer will be better able to defend the claim if it can show that it took reasonable steps to prevent the harassment happening. This training is ONE OF THOSE STEPS.

Who is this for?

  • All employees and managers
    • Annually refreshed to maintain vicarious liability due diligence defence
  • New starters as a part of their induction

Overview of myHRdept Sexual Harassment training

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere but it’s particularly prevalent in workplaces. The single most effective method for preventing sexual harassment in the workplace is to raise staff awareness. The myHRdept Sexual Harassment training will give your employees the confidence to recognise sexual harassment in the workplace, understand how to report it to their line manager appropriately, and know how to work with their colleagues to promote a positive environment that prevents sexual harassment from occurring.

  • Do your staff know what sexual harassment in the workplace means?
  • Do your staff know how to report sexual harassment, and why it should be reported?
  • Older senior men are the most common offenders, but will your younger staff have the confidence or knowledge to call sexual harassment out?
  • Did you know that employers can be legally ‘vicariously liable’ for sexual harassment, EVEN if they weren’t aware of it?

By raising staff awareness employers can help stop initial incidences of sexual harassment escalating into more serious matters. Better awareness will help employers defend vicarious liability claims. Through better awareness, incidences of harassment can be reduced, employees are better protected, and trust, loyalty and retention improved. Most importantly, if better awareness prevents just one person from suffering at the hands of another, it may be the best training investment an employer will ever make.

Delivery of Training

Tutors (across the programme) include practicing HR staff with substantial experience of supporting people-managers, an ex-Coca-Cola HR Director and a fully qualified HR solicitor.

Our preferred method of delivery is 1 X in-person 2-hour workshop with 6 – 10 attendees.

Alternatively, workshops can be run virtually

Workshops take place at our offices in Marlow, or client premises, or via MS Teams.

Pricing for Training

Non myHRdept / JCHR clients: £750 + vat (£75 – £100 per head per session depending on numbers)

myHRdept /JCHR retained clients:25% discount. Available HR package support hours can be also be redeemed – 1.33 hours per attendee.

Maximum attendees

For maximum learning modules are limited to 10 attendees.

How to book?

Email enquiries@myHRdept, or call 01628 820515.

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