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National Minimum Wage Rates 2022 (UK)

National Minimum Wage Rates 2022 (UK)

From 1st April 2022 NMW rates will increase again, and the over 23 rate will be £9.50 per hour, up from £8.91 in 2021.

On 1st April 2022 the national living wage (NLW) and national minimum wage rates (NMW) will increase. The new rates will be as follows:

  • For those aged 23 & over – NLW rises to £9.50 per hour (Note this used to apply to only those aged 25 and over)
  • For 21 and 22 year olds the rate will be £9.18 per hour
  • For those aged 18 – 20 it will be £6.83 per hour
  • For those under 18 it will be £4.81 per hour
  • The apprentice rate will rise to £4.81 per hour.

The ‘accommodation offset’ (the maximum amount an employer who pays minimum wage and who provides live-in accommodation to staff is allowed to deduct from daily pay) increases to £8.70 per day.

Low pay commission recommendations

The rates above are in line with recommendations from the Low Pay Commission and have been fully accepted by government. The headline £9.50 rate was announced by Rishi Sunak yesterday, and so it is almost certain that these rates will apply from April next year.

NMW per pay period

The NLW/NMW applies to each and every pay period. For example, if a worker is weekly paid, they must receive at least the minimum wage for the hours worked in a week, if they are monthly paid, it must apply on average to the hours worked in that month. It is not permissible for higher earnings in one pay period to balance out earnings below the minimum wage in the next.

Accommodation offset is for accommodation, nothing else

The accommodation offset, the amount by which the average pay may be lowered below the applicable minimum wage, applies only to accommodation. An offset is not allowed for the cost of utilities, council tax, uniforms, tools or anything else.

Named and shamed

This year the government posted a list of those employers found to have breached the minimum wage, though our earlier article made the point that some of the breaches by well-known employers were largely technical – click here for our earlier article.

HR support for employers

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