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myHRdept Employment Law & HR Update March 2023

Welcome to March’s HR and employment law update from myHRdept.

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We’re busy recruiting for clients, it remains a tough market and 70% of vacancies we fill for clients are passive candidates. For more about our recruitment services please see our recruitment pages by clicking here

Procedural unfairness results in ‘unfair dismissal’

London Underground employed a manager with some fairly extreme views, extreme enough to cause a lot of upset to her colleagues. She was fired, but LU followed a procedurally flawed process and the employment tribunal decided she was unfairly dismissed. What can other employers learn from this case? Click here for the 3 minute read.

Short term absence

It’s a nuisance, but another case described by myHRdept’s Toni, reiterates that however much we suspect an employee to be swinging the lead on Monday/Friday absence patterns, a fair procedure is still necessary. Just an hour invested in getting right can save a whole lot of trouble – you can see Toni’s section on our video briefing – please click the video icon at the top of this page.  

April changes including National Minimum Wage increases

Big increases coming next month, our article brings you (for the 21st time in myHRdept career) the latest and you can read all about it and watch the (different) video by clicking here

The importance of onboarding

In a tight recruitment market it’s very important to treat new starters well, as turnover amongst this group is often the highest. Our article looks at the on-boarding process and the support we can give you to design a tip top process that’s right for your organisation, click here to read it

Pay and benefits

My first pay packet was a little brown envelope tied up with string and had £8.80 in it, the going rate in those days for apple thinning! These days employee reward has become an industry in its own right, and employers can no longer assume that paying a mid-market salary with no extra benefits will cut the mustard. myHRdept’s Steph Setchell, part of our HRBP team, has a look at pay and benefits – you can see Steph’s section on our video briefing – please click the video icon at the top of this page.  

I hope that was useful, we’ll circulate our next briefing in April, but please keep an eye on our LinkedIn and Twitter feeds in the meantime.



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