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HR & employment law update for employers – July 2023

JCHR - payroll and HR outsourcing services
JCHR – NEW combined payroll and HR service formally launched this month.

HR and employment law update for employers – July 2023

(Click above if you’d prefer to watch our briefing on video).

We have a lot to catch up on this month and, for reasons I’ll go on to explain, our content now is popping up in new places, so this monthly roundup will include links to all of our recent content, wherever it may be.

For our video, you will see our Gemma covering some holiday & holiday pay queries (we still get a lot of these), and Elana who looks at a case about restrictive covenants from which, as always, we will try and extract the learnings that we can.

Restrictive covenants

Elana’s case is also captured in our article “Restrictive covenants – enforceable, or a waste of paper?” Let me give you a clue…the answer is ‘enforceable’, the link to the article is here:


From time to time employer’s will need to make adjustments to their organisations to counter for external influences, like AI or changing consumer or investor behaviour. myHRdept exists to help employers confidently and sensitively transition, when transition is required.

Sometimes transition involves redundancies. We’ve published a micro -guide to the basics of redundancies –an aide memoir for the key points. You can read it here:

Payroll services

I mentioned that our content is now spread rather wider than it used to be, so now will be a good point to explain a bit more about that.

22 years ago some market researchers told us that we should consider adding payroll services to our HR offering. After a period of thoughtful contemplation (of just over two decades) we’ve leaped on the idea, and July saw the launch of JCHR, our combined payroll and HR service for employers!

JCHR is a joint venture between myHRdept and James Cowper Kreston’s JC Payroll. No longer are we a team of HR people alone, JC Payroll’s 20+ payrollers in Newbury are, like us, a full-service outsourced provider, at the boutique end of employer B2B service. You can still opt for HR (or payroll) separately, but clients now have the option of both services for one single monthly payment. HR and payroll sit logically together, and our service reduces duplication.

JC Payroll’s MD Nick Butler and I made a video to introduce our services, you can access that from the home page of the JCHR website by clicking here:

Sexual harassment

Returning to matters of HR and employment law, McDonalds have been in the news again, it appears their attempt to prevent unwanted behaviours at work via a mandatory on-line training programme haven’t work, and in my view, that shouldn’t be a surprise. In our article and video I look at how best to risk assess the likelihood of sexual harassment arising in your organisation (it really is very easy to risk assess) and what you might consider doing about it to lower your own exposure to risks. hosts a video version of our article which you can access here:

Alternatively the original article on myHRdept is here:

Due diligence training

Finally, a reminder about our dure diligence training programme.

myHRdept retained clients can access materials & training videos to i) help prevent unwanted workplace behaviours through education; and ii) lower the risks of a successful vicarious liability claim in the event of policy breaches committed by one employee on another.

Without an adequate training and information programme an employer can be liable even for behaviour it was unaware of.

Last month we released our first set of resources specifically for this purpose – the video, guide and employee emails about workplace bullying are all available in the client area of myHRdept.

myHRdept can also design and run a bespoke due diligence programme for a client employer. Bespoke programmes can include CPD training with recorded validation, and can be delivered remotely or in person at myHRdept or client premises. This can be provided from available support hours or paid separately.

We’ll release our second set of resources for due diligence training in August, and then at two month intervals.

That’s it for this months update, keep an eye on and for new content, we’ll also flag it via posts on our LinkedIn and Twitter channels.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your HR, payroll or employment law needs, why not contact myHRdept? Call us on 01628 820515, email us at to discuss your requirements, or contact us via our website and we’ll call you back.

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