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HR & employment law update from myHRdept

HR & employment law update from myHRdept

(NB, if you’d prefer to see a video version of this article, please go to our payroll and HR outsourcing site JCHR via this link.)

2024 is well underway now and hopefully you’ll have caught up with our roundup of what to expect from employment law this year…just in case you haven’t, the link to the article is here and if you’d rather watch it in video form you can visit JCHR’s site (payroll and HR outsourcing) by clicking here instead.

Working from home is less efficient says tribunal.

Employment law doesn’t just come from changes to legislation – case law has a lot to do with it, and we were interested to see one of the very first flexible working request cases – it was concluded just before Christmas. Mrs Wilson, an FCA employee, applied to work permanently from home, citing her excellent appraisal ratings gained while she was doing precisely that….a compelling argument on the face of it, but not compelling enough for the tribunal – you can read more about the case here, and our companion article on JCHR’s site looks in more detail at the 6 specific reasons the employer used to reject her request, and considers whether these may act as precedents for future cases – see that article here.

Flexible working – guidance for employers from myHRdept.

On the subject of flexible working requests, April sees major changes to the eligibility for making requests and to how they should be handling. To help SME owners and managers get to grips with this, we’ve published a video guide (this link will take you to the myHRdept Youtube channel). Retained HR clients can access the video and other communication / training tools through the client area, accessed via the myHRdept home page (JCHR clients can access that too).

Health and safety – new service.

We’re often asked to recommend good quality sensibly prices Health & Safety consultants, and to be honest since our old friend John retired we’ve struggled to find reliable and sensible alternatives, and so we’ve taken the bull by the horns, and our own Gina Regan is now fully NEBOSH qualified….so for pragmatic help with H&S policies, risk assessments & even PAT testing your appliances…we’re able to do it all for you. We have a reputation for no-nonsense pragmatic HR solutions, now we’re bringing that to health and safety too  – read more about our health & safety services here.

Recruitment headhunter Nida Atif returns to myHRdept.

Nida was our original & most talented researcher (‘head hunter’), she left myHRdept 6 years ago to devote time to her family ….but now she’s back….. As well as having an MA in HR, Nida is an expert at finding great candidates and was instrumental in establishing myHRdept’s recruitment arm. You can read more about Nida, and our recruitment offering by clicking here.

 Labour employment law plans

I wrote about Labour employment policy well before Christmas – day 1 unfair dismissal rights, fair pay agreements, a ban on zero hours contract, a path for unions to organise etc. etc. I noticed this morning the Nationals have finally cottoned on, with this headline in the Times talking about employer nervousness of the economic consequences of Angela’s Rayner’s much published but little understood (it seems) plans for employment law. If you want to read the facts about Labour’s proposals, you can see our earlier article here.

That’s it for this update, I hope you found it useful, do let us know if you have any questions or suggestions for future features.


Bill Larke
(Founder. myHRdept & Co-founder JCHR)

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