Flexible apprenticeships – another white elephant?

Flexible apprenticeships

The government, following an extensive consultation, intends to legislate to create flexible apprenticeships, under which we will see the creation of flexi-job apprenticeship agencies, who will be able to access a £7m flexi-job apprenticeship fund. These agencies will be able to hire out apprentices to multiple employers while the apprentices themselves continue to study for a qualification.

The government believes this will create an avenue for apprenticeships which the current single employer route can’t provide for. It might. It might also create an avenue for the usual suspects to bid for the £7m, which we may see disappear quickly with little perceptible output – something we’ve seen with many other well-intentioned business/employment stimulus schemes from the government in the past. The proof of the pudding will be the number of apprentices that start and complete their apprenticeship via this route, and gain meaningful permanent employment as a result of it.

Thinking of hiring an apprentice?

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