Equal pay? Maybe for our great grandchildren

Women will have to wait another 60 years for equal pay if the gender gap continues to close at the present rate.

Statistics from the House of Commons library show that since 2010, each year the pay gap has narrowed by 0.3 per cent. With a current difference of 19.7 per cent, it is calculated that it could take more than six decades to achieve equal pay for women. By then more than a century will have passed since the Equal Pay Act was introduced back in 1970.

Gloria De Piero, the shadow minister for women and equalities, said “More women are struggling to make work pay, earning less than the living wage and facing sky-high childcare costs. This isn’t the progress our mothers, aunties and sisters fought for.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, women on average earn 80p for every £1 men take home.

There are some exceptional circumstances where a difference in pay between the sexes can be justified, but these are normally limited to new employees who have less experience, and are hence less productive than existing employees. However, experience related pay differentials should last no more than the time it takes for an employee to become ‘fully competent’ in their role, and in any case no longer than 5 years. Read more…

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