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Employment tribunal awards are on the up – but tribunal cases are still rare

Employment tribunals are still a rarer beast than they used to be (since the introduction of fees requiring employees to pay to register a claim), but the compensation awards are on the up for employers on the losing side. With typical legal costs reporting in at £11K (for employers) though, only the awards in the sex discrimination category currently exceed the lawyer’s bills.

Median Awards 2014 – 2015:

  • Sex discrimination – £13,500
  • Disability – £8,646
  • Race – £8,025
  • Age – £7,500
  • Sexual orientation – £6,000
  • Religious grounds – £1,080
  • Unfair dismissal – £6,955

At myHRdept we provide premium plus customers with cover up to the ET3 response stage (after which point the majority of claims are settled) and remain firmly of the view that employment tribunal litigation insurance is an unnecessary cost to small businesses. Claims to tribunals are rarer than the scaremongers will have you believe, and the advice provided by the insurers in order to maintain any protection is often so risk averse as to be useless to the employer. Far too many small employers who rely on these policies for employment advice are failing to deal with eminently resolvable issues to the detriment of their own businesses and the economy as a whole.

By having access to genuinely experienced HR practitioners (not the call centre staff employed by the insurers) the vast majority of employee issues can be successfully resolved. myHRdept provides a small team of highly experienced advisors to help our customers achieve precisely that.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your HR why not contact With full service Premium Plus packages for medium sized companies typically from only a few hundred per month (and from only £110 per month for smaller companies and start-ups) and fixed price HR support options available for one-off issues, we believe we offer the best combination of quality and price available in the UK. Call us on 01628 820515 to discuss your requirements or email us here and we’ll call you back.

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