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5 days average sick per private sector full time worker…

The Times reported today that EU officials are three times ‘sicker’ than the average British private sector workers, who took 5 days of on average last year, with public sector workers taking on average 8.7 days (latest available data).

It may be a controversial view, but here it comes anyway, most short term absence is unnecessary – the employee doesn’t need to be off, they choose to be off, and the more the persistent absentee gets away with it, the more absence they will have – the average of 15 days for EU commissioners includes those who attend normally, there will be some serial absentees in there.

Abnormally high absence stems from:

  • Lack of management confidence, ability or motivation to deal with the problem; and/or
  • No financial loss for the employee – who is paid normally for their absence
  • No consequence – absence histories are rarely investigated and penalties rarely, if ever, imposed

In all businesses absence, particularly short term unexpected absence, is disruptive. A few simple steps can go a long way to eradicate it:

  • Ensure employment contracts cover sickness, particularly in terms of reporting and medical information disclosure
  • If you choose to pay discretionary sick pay, make sure each case is considered before authorising payment
  • If possible ensure sick pay is discretionary and non-contractual

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