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myHRdept is 20 years old today!

myHRdept is 20 years old today!

It was about this time of year, 20 years ago, that I launched myHRdept. Back then customers used our website to build and generate HR documents on-line, but it was early days for the internet, and we often received calls asking when an HR document was going to arrive on the doormat! PDFs were new to most in the early noughties.

While the world moves on-line, HR remains a people function, and myHRdept is no exception

It seems almost counter-intuitive that now, 20 years on and in a period where everybody does everything on ‘tinterweb, myHRdept staff personally carry out HR processes, build employment contracts, policies, settlement agreements and other HR documents for our clients. While the world around is automating, we do it the old-fashioned way, because that’s what our customers like. HR, after all, is about people, and the personal touch is important.

In the beginning….

After my corporate career ended, my first self-employed desk, from where myHRdept was designed and launched, was a spare side of an MFI wardrobe balanced on top of two bedside tables, with some large books in between, to allow space for my legs to fit under.

Catherine joined myHRdept 3 years later after ending her own corporate HR career, making myHRdept a proper family business. 6 years further on, we moved out of the spare bedroom and into a shared office kindly donated by our friends in Adelante software, and when we outgrew that, we moved into our own offices, eventually 1100 square feet, full of desks, chairs, screens, phones and books and, by then, 13 of us – Catherine and I couldn’t look after more than a hundred clients by ourselves!

Full circle, from home to office and back home again!

It’s not lost on me for a moment the irony that, post-pandemic, we’re now back to working in bedrooms or kitchen tables for at least some of the time – it’s something we’ve all got used to doing, and it seems to work quite well. At least my desk’s a bit better this time, and I have a nicer view!

20 years has seen many challenges, on a professional as well as a personal level. The early days were hard – often working 70+ hour weeks. Today’s challenges are different – we are a more complex organisation now with a wider range of services and  a bigger team to resource them. Many of our early clients that have stayed with us have grown exponentially, from just a few to hundreds of employees. The fact that many have chosen to remain with myHRdept is a great testament to the relationships we have and to the work of our team, of whom we are immensely proud.

And the next 20 years?

And the next 20 years?  myHRdept needs to adapt and change, developing new services and entering new markets. What worked in the past won’t necessarily be right for the future, and we must continue to service every client like it is our last. In a world where customer service seems to have become an alien concept (have you tried dealing with a bank lately?) myHRdept strives to be responsive and relevant, and we try our hardest to please those who choose us to be their HR partners.

Will Catherine and I be doing the same thing in another 20 years?  I doubt it, and we’re already taking steps to let a more youthful team take myHRdept forwards under the boundless energy and endless positivity of Jessica Whelan. Jess is supported by her superb team, all of whom it is a privilege to know. While we remain involved in the background, we look forward to supporting Jess and the team to help them achieve more successes, to develop their skills and knowledge and, most of all, to enjoy being part of the myHRdept extended family.

Happy Birthday, myHRdept!

Bill Larke, founder.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your HR or employment law needs, why not contact myHRdept? Call us on 01628 820515, email us at to discuss your requirements, or contact us via our website and we’ll call you back.


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