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1st April – new minimum wage rate for 25 year olds

We head towards 1st April 2016 which will see the introduction of a National Living Wage which will apply to all who are 25 and older.

The National Living Wage is due to become law, unlike the current ‘Living Wage’ which is a voluntary rate set by a lobbying group, but respected by many employers. The group still have some lobbying to do though, as their claim is for a living wage of £7.85 outside of London and £9.15 in the city.

Summary of all applicable NMW rates from 1st October 2015 (National Minimum Wage):

  • For workers aged 21 and over £6.70
  • For workers aged 18 – 20, £5.30
  • For 16 – 17 year olds, £3.87.
  • For apprentices, £3.30

From 1st April 2016 (National Living Wage)

  • For workers age 25 and over: £7.20

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