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Employment Law Checklist UK - It’s time to review your policies

If you have employees, it is absolutely vital to stay on top of – and adhere to – employment law. But what does that actually mean? Simply put, employment law provides legislation on all of the areas that affect both employers and employees.

This covers things like discrimination law, which is based on a set of 9 protected characteristics defined in the Equality Act 2010. Discrimination claims are among the most costly to defend, so having some knowledge of what does and doesn’t constitute discrimination, is important, as is having an up to date policy.

Many businesses don’t currently have all of the right policies in place to stay protected, and more still fail to update policies or staff handbooks.

The problem with this is that if a situation arises where a policy is required, employees will not know what they should do, and that could cause serious problems. You don’t want to be in a situation where you’re writing policies in reaction to an event. When myHRdept draft staff handbooks for clients, we include around 20 policies, and many of our clients need bespoke policies in addition.

You would be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the task of getting your business up to date with employment law. It can be complicated and it’s constantly evolving. But it’s worth always keeping in mind that these laws are in place to protect employers as well as employees – a well-written policy makes clear the obligations on employees as well as employers.

This checklist covers some of the most important areas your business needs to be aware of and will help you take the right actions to abide by rules and regulations and make sure your people are doing the same.

If you find your business falls short in some of these areas, or you think it’s time for a professional review of your policies and procedures, we’d love to help you get up to date. Just give us a call to start a discussion. 

For a limited time we are offering a free 20 minute HR compliance consultation, with absolutely no obligation – simply contact us to arrange a call.

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