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Supporting larger employers

Croner Management

Croner Management is a collection of hospitals and care homes across the country, when we first met DR David Irandoust and Louise Talbott, his Operations Director, the group had 10 sites, today they have 13 and 0ver 700 employees, making them one of our largest customers. 

“We used a national provider previously for our HR and we weren’t at all happy with the service. In 2014 we decided we wanted to source a provider we could have a closer relationship with and we selected myHRdept as that provider.”

Prior to 2014 myHRdept had no care sector experience, but then HR is HR is HR…and employment law follows the same pattern. That said it is important to understand the world all of our clients operate in and we now induct our new staff into the CQC framework and indeed into Croner itself – Louise is kind enough to introduce new starters to the industry in the groups Berkshire Services. Dr Irandoust is a progressive CEO and sees this as an investment in our long term relationship.

Croner Management is a good and caring employer, but of course the industry is challenging – with budgets stretched and nearly full employment, sourcing and retaining good staff is a challenge for anyone in this sector.  Over the years we’ve helped their teams deal with a myriad of staff issues across the full legal spectrum, but we’ve also trained managers in people management and recruitment skills to help the organisation retain and develop staff.

“myHRdept have become part of the team and they’ve developed their service as we’ve developed our business.  It really doesn’t feel like they’re an external body – they’ve developed a deep understanding of the challenges we face and assist us at every level in the business. New managers often question the value of HR..until they have occasion to work with myHRdept’s team…and then they know!”

By engaging with myHRdept Croner Management doesn’t use an employment solicitor and has a 100% record in defending its employment decisions.  More importantly with myHRdept’s help they have the confidence to manage their people issues efficiently – and however good the employer, with 700 plus employees there’s always going to be some people issues!  

Our thanks to Dr Irandoust for his kind permission to use this case study.

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