RecruitSafe terms and service standards are detailed below.

No quibble money back. Our no quibble money back guarantee (which does not affect your statutory rights) means that unused vouchers will be refunded in full if you are unhappy with the terms and providing i) you notify us in writing (including email) within 7 days from the date of purchase; and ii) if work has not already begun or costs incurred on your behalf in respect of the refund requested. If work has begun or costs incurred an appropriate deduction for time spent at £39 per hour will be made together with any search fees already incurred e.g. for CCJ checks etc.

Indicative timescales. Note that full checks can take 4 – 6 weeks (sometimes longer), however the offer letter we supply ensures that initial employment is offered on a probationary basis and on the completion of satisfactory vetting, to which the employee’s express consent and co-operation will be required. This means that in most circumstances offers may be withdrawn even after employment has started. Any decisions to withdraw employment must be entirely at your volition and reasonable advice will be provided to you on any anticipated or likely employment law repercussions.

Reference checking and employment verification. We will make 3 attempts (by email, letter and phone) to obtain the required information but if this information is not forthcoming we will advise you of this by the end of the second unsuccessful attempt and of the options available.

Data Protection. All final paperwork and checks will be passed to you after completion of the RecruitSafe process and should be securely stored prior to being destroyed after 6 months if employment is terminated or may continue to be securely stored on employee files (which should be locked away and only accessed by authorised persons) where employment continues. You expressly authorise us to hold such data on your behalf during the RecruitSafe process and warrant that where RecruitSafe is being commissioned with respect to an existing employee you have obtained written permission for us to hold and process such data. Where RecruitSafe is for a new employee you agree that you will assist us in making reasonable efforts to ensure that consent is given by that person for us to hold and process such data whilst RecruitSafe is underway. Data could include sensitive personal data as defined by the Data Controller and it is your responsibility to hold such information only in accordance with the principles of UK Data Protection Regulations.

Protected characteristics: (As defined in the Equality Act 2010 as may be amended from time to time). Please note that where RecruitSafe reveals that an employee or perspective employee has, is perceived to have, or is associated with another person who has a characteristic that is protected in law, it is unlawful to form or change a decision to employ because of that characteristic. Except in exceptional circumstances we shall regard such information as irrelevant and will only report this to our client if we believe that the particular protected characteristic might present a genuine reason (and where that reason is to the best of our knowledge permissible under employment regulations) to doubt the person’s suitability for the employment offered.

Liability: We use our skill and expertise to obtain accurate information for the benefit of our clients. In situations where inaccurate or incomplete data is obtained; and where loss or damage occurs which could reasonably have been prevented had accurate or complete information been obtained; and where the failure to obtain that information is attributable to our negligence, error or omission, RecruitSafe liability to you is strictly limited to the amount paid for the particular voucher, or voucher portion in the case of multiple purchase. Save for as described here HRR Solutions Ltd (myhrdept) will not accept any liability to you for any further loss or damages (consequential or otherwise).

Geography: RecruitSafe is only suitable for use in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Jurisdiction: In the event of a dispute the English Courts will have sole jurisdiction.

For subscription terms see Terms and Conditions.