Outsourced HR

Outsourced HR

HR Outsourcing, with CIPHR & myhrdept

Outsourcing HR (normally for employers of 50 - 500) staff can substantially increase HR efficiency and value while reducing costs and headcount. With our experience (our team of 70 and over 30 years of supporting employers) we will support the transition process from internal HR to outsourced more quickly and painlessly than you might think.

We expect to save clients 20-30% on costs against in-house HR department while increasing efficiency and reducing headcount. How? Efficient HR outsourcing combines our fully functional and supported SaaS HR system (CIPHR has a 30 year pedigree) with an experienced and highly qualified HR Advisor who will work on site with you (supported by a wider team) to establish and deliver an HR agenda that fits your business priorities while saving against internal staff costs, external legal support costs and project consultants.

In an HR outsourcing arrangement, our HR Advisors are employed to work on your site and to your agenda against pre-agreed SLAs. While they are a part of your team, we provide them with HR support, professional development, project back up and cover in the case of longer term absence. By HR outsourcing you can remove your internal HR headcount and we can outsource payroll too. No more worries about recruiting new HR staff either – we assume succession responsibilities. You will also gain a far more experienced and qualified HR advisor and supporting team than you might want or be able to secure for your existing HR budget. Our HR Outsourcing team includes former HR Directors from blue chip companies, employee relations experts, experts in TUPE redundancy, learning and development, case law etc.

A combination of our SaaS HR system and highly qualified on-site HR staff will provide proactive HR capability and we’ll get to grips with key business issues quickly, from structure to hiring methods and competence frameworks, performance & absence management and management capability development, and those complicated individual employee cases that can be so difficult (and expensive) to resolve.

Who should be considering outsourcing HR?

Employers who employ HR staff, buy in ad-hoc HR services (perhaps from lawyers), are approaching a period of change or planning a period of growth or retrenchment should all consider the efficiency and financial benefits of outsourcing. Other typical indicators for the suitability of HR Outsourcing include:

  • The existing HR person has inherited or evolved into the role
  • In-house HR is limited to administration, perhaps paper based
  • HR issues (discipline/dismissal) are often referred to lawyers for advice
  • People performance data is unknown – absence & cost/ cost & length or time of hire/ turnover/ succession/ performance/ potential
  • People management skills are questionable (recruitment, performance management)
  • Due diligence audits and training rarely take place
  • Payroll is still completed in-house
  • Minor problems quickly escalate or become entrenched
  • A small number of employees cause a disproportionate amount of employee relations pain and the managers feel powerless to deal with them
  • Difficulty hiring key roles/high recruitment spend

CIPHR & myhrdept – the perfect HR outsourcing combination

There are HR systems and there are HR consultancy companies. Uniquely our HR Outsourcing services are a combination of both, two well respected Companies with long term pedigrees and who together provide the ideal solution for clients looking to outsource HR.

CIPHR, with a 30 year history, delivers HR software and services in a SaaS environment. We have the vision to help you excel in HR at the highest strategic levels, enabling you to handle the twists and turns of an ever-changing business environment with the utmost skill and ease. Underpinning these qualities is an unwavering dedication to client support and a commitment to long-term client satisfaction.

myhrdept was founded in 2002 by an ex Coca-Cola HR Director and is rapidly becoming the quality HR partner of choice for ambitious businesses, supplying the tools, coaching and know-how to enable them to achieve greater security and success from a high performing, high quality people platform.

You can see a brief case study concerning an organisation of 200 who chose to outsource their HR to us by clicking here. For an informal discussion about outsourcing your HR, or to arrange a meeting, please call 01628 820515, or email us.